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Shandong YunPeng rain gear co., LTD., located in the beautiful city - linyi logistics. YunPeng rain gear from the initial relative single trade circulation enterprises gradually developed into a professional raincoat, poncho, tent production and sales for the ......
Our Company Held the Autumn Ordering of Yunpeng Rain Gear Co.Ltd in 2014.10

    In October 18,2014, the company held the autumn ordering and ret

  Linyi Federation of Industry and Commerce Associat
  The National Umbrella-making Committe of China Com
  Preparatory Meeting of Professional Committee of C
  Linyi ICA Rain Gear Product Association hosted th
  Grantly Holding of The Annual Meeting and Expansio
          ROMAN GAZEBO
ADDRESSChina Shandong Linyi City Manhattan commercial building two 202 west street PHONE+86-0539-8296629
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